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27th November

compiled by
Newbury & District
Arts Association
Paula Zimmermann's' Wrinkly Rocker'

  27 Nov - 20 Dec

Whitehead and Zimmermann


Exhibition of new work from Steve Whitehead and Paula Zimmermann. 

Steve Whitehead is a realist painter drawing inspiration from beautiful landscapes around the UK and Italy. Paula Zimmermann has a fascination with pets, particularly dogs, and their relationship with humans.

Other artists include Paul Wright, Paul Kessling, Calla Beddow, Matthieu Leger, Stuart Buchanan, Alice Cescatti and new bronze sculptures from Mark Hall.

Hungerford Jazz Forum

  27 November

Hungerford Jazz Forum

until 11pm

Welcome to the Hungerford Jazz Forum.

For more than 13 years we have been encouraging musicians of all ages and abilities to get up and play in a friendly atmosphere.

We are in a great room with a stage, drums, lights, microphones, everything including a fantastic bar and we ask only £2 as a contribution to costs.

Come along and bring your instrument and have a blow.
Feeling uncertain? Then leave it in the car but you’ll want to get it out later!!
Singers are also welcome.

We will pick a few open numbers for everyone to try
and also arrange mini sets for others.

Don't forget that there is a great bar with good beer!
Handel: Messiah

  28 November

Handel: Messiah


NCS Musical Director Cathal Garvey has sung and played Messiah too many times to count, and our performance on 28th November will be his ninth as conductor of Handel's most famous oratorio. But he says this does not stop him "falling in love with it all over again" every time.

The choir's first performance of this enduring work was in the second year of existence, in December 1886. Since then it has been on the programme twenty-six times, including during both World Wars and on notable dates such as the choir's 80th anniversary, and the 125th celebration which consisted of two performances of Messiah under newly appointed conductor Cathal.

The chorus will be joined by professional soloists of the quality that people expect from an NCS concert. The orchestra will be familiar to audiences of our last three summer concerts: the widely acclaimed Covent Garden Chamber Orchestra. Venues in their home city include St Paul?s, Covent Garden and St John's Smith Square. They relish the chance to play with choirs and are impressively versatile: with NCS their repertoire has included Monteverdi, Mozart, Puccini and Gilbert and Sullivan.

Visit our website at www.newburychoral.org.uk to buy your tickets through our simple and secure online ticketing system. The signs are that this concert will sell fast so don't delay! We look forward to seeing you for an evening of glorious music making and enjoyment.



Continuing this week

Experimental Drawing

  24 Sep - 3 Dec

Experimental Drawing

with Sally Haynes

or 7:30 pm

This is a eight-week course designed to encourage artists to draw using all their senses.

Sally's classes are never repeated; each week a new subject matter will be provided and students will choose to develop their work in a variety of ways, working in sketch books and at a large scale using the floor, walls or easels.

A variety of media, methods and materials will be explored, encouraging new ways of working. During the term students will be encouraged to share ideas and offer positive critical discussion.

Dates are 24th Sept, 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd Oct, 5th and 26th Nov, 3rd Dec
is supported by:
West Berkshire District Council