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Artists working in West Berkshire and North Hampshire, and Galleries that exhibit artists' work, including those galleries available for private hire.


  James Aldridge Jo Andreae
  Vivien Andrews Prue Angus
  Nicola Appleby Julia Bailey
  Mavina Baker Diana Barraclough
  Kate Beaugié Louise Bellaers
  Julian Bellmont Tina Bennett
  Gill Bent Jane Body
  Suzanne Booth Christine Brewster
  Pea Brodhurst Bob Brown
  Philip Brown Charles Burns
  Joanna Burton Suzanne Cairns
  Tom Cartmill Suzanne Caster
  Liz Cave Trevor Chaplin
  Melissa Cole Simon Cooley
  Gay Crichton-Miller Claire Davies
  Susan Diffey George Duckett
  Geoffrey Eastop Shirley Eccles
  Jo Firth Tim Foster
  Jacqui Franks Pat Gover
  Pamela Grayburn Louise Gunnersen
  Cecilia Hall Christopher Hall
  Anne Hamilton Sally Haynes
  Andrew Hazelden Katrina Howse
  David Jones Siobhan Jones
  Sandy Kendall Florence Kipling
  Susan Kirkman Clair Lamerton
  Demi Lang Tory Lawrence
  Emily Lovell Judy Marr
  Lorraine Mash Arran Miles
  Liz Milburn Rose McManus
  Sarah Moorcroft Nigel Moore
  Emily Myers Elisabeth Napier-Munn
  Shelagh Newton Vivian Pare
  Anne Payton Mary Phelan
  Rebecca Rason Hilary Reem
  Susan Rollings Catherine Rose
  Arabella Ross Yvonne de Savigny
  Nick Schlee Hazel Smith
  Julie Smith Lou Spence
  Johannes von Stumm Deborah Taylor
  Michael and Mary Taylor Rosemary Trigwell
  Jane Vaidya Jean Wallis
  Caroline Widdop Barry Withers
  Julieann Worrall Hood  

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  Corn Exchange Craftsman Newbury Ltd
  House of Frames New Greenham Arts Centre
  Modern Artists Gallery  

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