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23rd March

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Newbury Chamber Choir

  25 March

Visit to the Sepulchre


Newbury Chamber Choir will be starting the Easter period with a Palm Sunday performance of Visit to the Sepulchre, an arrangement of one of the oldest known musical dramas.  Edward Lambert has adapted the plainsong melodies of the twelfth century Visitatio Sepulchri to create an arrangement for contemporary choral performance. 

In this short piece the music is simple, uplifting and meditative as it tells the story of the disappearance of Christ's body from the tomb.  It has moving and dramatic moments too, as in the famous scene where the Three Marys recognise the Gardener as their risen Saviour. 

Come along and see the Easter story unfold.  



Continuing this week

New Era Players

  15 Mar - 24 Mar

The Glass Menagerie


A delicate, sensitive, and atmospheric performance of Tennessee Williams' classic play.

New Era Players

  17 Feb - 28 Apr

Art in the Foyer - Meet the Photographer

Photography Exhibition


David Hatfull's exhibition focuses on the people who work in Wash Common. Entitled Service Providers,it is the latest in the series of Art in the Foyer exhibitions at the intimate New Era Theatre.

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