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23rd October

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Hungerford Jazz Forum

  27 October

Hungerford Jazz Forum

until 11pm

We are in a great room with a stage, drums, lights, microphones, everything including a fantastic bar and we ask only £2 as a contribution to costs.

Come along and bring your instrument and have a blow. Feeling uncertain? Then leave it in the car but you’ll want to get it out later!! Singers are also welcome. We will pick a few open numbers for everyone to try and also arrange mini sets for others. Don't forget that there is a great bar with good beer!

If you are not a muso,  just get in a party mood and support the musos as you always do. There is a fantastic bar with reasonable prices and don't forget that it is only £2 towards our costs to get it. Who else can say that after 15 years the price is the same.



Continuing this week

Bohun Gallery

  7 Oct - 28 Oct

A Path Through the Landscape

Fiona Millais


Bohun Gallery is delighted to be exhibiting the new collection of paintings by Fiona Millais.

Millais' work is produced on the completion of a journey - either abroad or within the British Isles and the paintings evolve from memories, drawings and notes. The landscapes of coast and farmland, woods and heathland are a constant and enduring subject, explored by daily walks with her faithful dog. From stored memories and objects picked up on these expeditions, Millais creates layers of texture, tone, colour and interwoven history on the canvas. Stones, leaves and feathers become visual reminders of the place and time and music and literature often provide additional source material.

A source of fascination for artists over the generations has always been the connection between the natural rhythms of the land and how it reflects the human presence, or lack of it. Fiona Millais' landscapes are shaped by society and our ancestors, leaving marks and echoes through time. She depicts expanses of farmland as intricate tapestries shaped by prehistoric coastlines and planted woodlands dissected by natural waterways. A further layer of recent exploration for the artist is based on the coastlines of Cornwall and Western Scotland where land, sea, islands and her own family history are entwined. As the great grand-daughter of Pre Raphaelite painter John Everett Millais, Fiona is part of a rich artistic heritage - a quality that permeates her enigmatic imagery.

Old Chapel Textile Centre

  5 Sep - 2 Dec

New programme of workshops and classes


We have an exciting new programme of workshops and classes for the autumn at the Old Chapel Textile Centre.  

The programme covers a wide range of topics including sewing, dressmaking, embroidery, smocking, patchwork, quilting, spinning, braiding and more.  Take a look at our website for more details or contact us at: www.nationalneedleworkarchive.org.uk / octc@live.com / 01635 38740. Free parking, Tea Room.

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West Berkshire District Council